Thank you for purchasing the Flow Move Handheld Pressure Sensing Percussion Massager with Powerlink™


Choose your desired Flowhead™ attachment and insert it directly into the shaft/socket with a firm push.

If you are using a PowerLink™ attachment, take care to ensure that it is inserted fully for stable power connectivity.


Start by clicking the ⏻ button once and three more times to switch through the modes; the fourth will turn the device off.

The LEDs above the button will indicate the current mode, and the pressure ring will glow to show it is active.


Your device will have some charge out of the box, as indicated by the LEDs below the ⏻ button.

However, we suggest you charge your device with the provided Flow USB-C charger, ideally for up to three hours before first use.


After registering your two year warranty, your Flow Move will be covered for parts and labour for 2 years from the purchase date, subject to the warranty terms.

Registering your warranty ensures easy returns, repairs, or refunds.