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Portable, Convenient - Instant Pain Relief for everything from Migraine & Headaches to Joint Pain & Muscle Soreness

Flow are leaders in Digital Health Technology - say goodbye to drug-based treatments and hello to the future of Pain Relief via our range of hardware and App-based Digital Therapeutics (DTx) that relieve a wide range of ailments.

Flow Recovery can help with Headache and Migraines

Headaches | Migraines

Flow Recovery can help with Back Pain

Back Pain

Flow Recovery can help with Colds, Flu and even Covid

Cold | Flu | Covid

Flow Recovery can help with Rheumatic and Joint Pain

Rheumatic | Joint Pain

Flow Recovery can help with Period Pain

Period Pain

Flow Recovery can help with Muscle Soreness

Muscle Soreness

the only personal health technology device with heat & percussion therapies
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▷ three levels of heat therapy

▷ three levels of soothing massage 

▷ ultra-quiet so you can use your nano anywhere

▷ long life & fast charging battery via USB-C

Flow Recovery Arctic White Nano
Nano Arctic White

Flow Nano in pristine Arctic White with Chrome heat plate, sleek and modern matte finish. 

From $99 - Learn More

Flow Recovery Rose Blush Nano
Nano Rose Blush

Perfect pink, our Rose Blush Nano features a silky blush body with a brushed Rose Gold heat plate.

Only $99

Flow Recovery Graphite Grey Nano
Nano Graphite Grey

Available in classic Flow Graphite Grey with Chrome heat plate, glossy metallic finish. 

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Flow Recovery available at The Vitamin Shoppe
Flow Recovery available at GNC
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flow recovery app

With over 500 guides and 250 routines expertly designed, our App is your new go-to to take your recovery to the next level.

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My headaches are a thing of the past - Amazing customer service too.

Dani G

My first personal health device and I couldn't be happier, I use it everyday!

Tammy S

The best present; my husband loves it, it's great for his aching knees

Jessica W

The best purchase I've made; the service, delivery & device are amazing.

Desmond C

Nano is a game-changer; affordable, professional and high quality.

John T

I tried the Nano and fell in love, my pain is gone!

Jane S

Very helpful; the heat is great for my sore legs after long walk

Anthony J

Recommended by a friend, Flow is now my go-to recovery device'

Hannah R

After using this post-physiotherapy session, I am pain free.

Owen H

I love this device, it is an essential part of my recovery after training.

Dylan L

heat therapy recommended by

Heat helps to ease the pain when back pain first starts.

UK migraine trust recommends heat for relief.

Add me.

Relieve cramped muscles, soothe a sore back, or treat a tender neck, with heating.

Heat allows the uterine muscle to relax, which helps with pain.

percussion therapy recommended by

Studies prove that they can increase your range of motion & reduce the self-reported feeling of DOMS.

Reduces your risk of injury and increases your range of motion by increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Gentle pressure can decrease any tight muscle tissue or soften scar-like tissue, called adhesions.

Dr Calabrese Cleveland Clinic on Percussion Therapy

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Purchase Flow Recovery Devices with Free Shipping and 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free shipping in the USA
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Download our Flow Recovery App on Apple, Android or Desktop. Create routines, target your pain.

Download our App on Apple, Android or Desktop. Create routines, target your pain.

Enjoy peace of mind with high-quality British engineering and a two-year warranty.

Enjoy peace of mind with high-quality British engineering and a two-year warranty.

Flow co-founder Katarina Johnson-Thompson Flow co-founder Katarina Johnson-Thompson

a no-drug, digital solution to pain relief

"I know the importance of pain relief, having suffered from injuries myself. Flow's mission is to provide an alternative to over-the-counter medication. Our flagship device effectively relieves migraines, headaches, period pains, and muscle soreness – compact, fast-charging, and is more affordable in the long-term than painkillers."