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Featuring a library of over 500 expert-developed guides & routines, our App is the perfect companion to our health tech devices.

Take your recovery to the next level and #findyourflow today!

Flow Recovery App

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Flow Nano and WebApp

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Flow's App is here to optimise your recovery and help you take pain relief into your own hands. Select and create your own sessions, or use one of our pre-built ones. All with helpful demonstration videos.
Flow Recovery App

Choose from pre-designed routines or build your own. With specific recommendations depending on the type of exercise you do.

Flow Recovery App

Optimise your recovery post-workout, match or competition and be prepared to take on anything.

Flow Recovery App

Wind down after work or on your rest day. Take some time to loosen the areas which need a helping hand to recover.

Flow Recovery App

Target percussion or heat therapy to help reduce area-specific pain.

Available on the App StoreGoogle Play Store, and TV or Desktop via our Web App. The Flow Recovery App works on all devices and is completely free - so take advantage of over 500 expertly designed recovery routines designed to make you find your flow.