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The Flow PRO was developed in collaboration with leading athletes, sports physiotherapists and professional sports teams with the goal of accelerating your recovery, eliminating your tension and improving your performance.

combining heat & massage makes you feel rejuvenated

Nano relaxes and releases tension from the body, bringing you back to your best.

Heat warms up any sore or tight muscles through increasing blood flow and massage therapy reduces muscle swelling and fatigue.



Next-Generation Percussion Massage Device for Athletes, Physios & Sports Professionals.


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Flow Nano has three level of heat

Heat Therapy by Flow Recovery
Percussion Therapy by Flow Recovery

There are many benefits to massage

Fork Flowhead Fork Flowhead


Perfect for the neck and back, the prongs of the forkhead make it easy to massage on either side of the spine, lower neck and Achille’s tendon. It may also be used for a deeper massage of major muscle groups.
Flow Recovery Bullet Flow Recovery Bullet


The small diameter of the Bullet gives focused muscle treatment. Perfect for working through tough knots.
Flow Recovery Ball Flow Recovery Ball


Soft and forgiving, the ball head is perfect for gently massaging soft tissues and more sensitive areas.
Flow Recovery Hammer


The perfect all-rounder: the hammer head lets you smoothly massage the major muscle groups, making it the go-to for all-over-body treatment.
Flow Recovery Wired Magazine

"Don't wait for expensive physios; nano does everything from the comfort of your home"

Flow Recovery Mail on Sunday

"It's the perfect desk companion."

Flow Recovery The Sunday Times Magazine

"Say goodbye to 9-5 aches & pains."

love for nano

Just what I needed - I love the heated element, perfect for period cramps.

Kirsty Richards

Absolutely love this - why did I not get this sooner!

Sara Wilson

I get pretty sore joints from being stationary most of the day, working in IT. So this is a godsend - well worth it!

Olivia Phelps

I take it everywhere; I find it helps immensely my period pain.

Annabelle Hardy

After hours stuck in front of a screen, the heat on my neck and temples is hugely relieving.

Tim Edwards

I travel a lot for work, and so this tiny device is amazing for me to slip into my hand luggage!

Staci Hancock
Flow Recovery Nano Heat
Instant Soothing Heat

Our three therapeutic heat settings provide instant relief for migraines, period pains and sore joints.

Flow Recovery Nano Battery
Long Lasting Battery

With 3 hours battery life, Nano is ready to go when you need & it won't let you down.

Flow Recovery Nano Travel
Travel Friendly

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Nano has 3 scientifically calibrated speeds;

Relax (1800ppm*)

Refresh (2300ppm)

Recharge (2800ppm)

*PPM = percussion per minute

Nano comes with four easy to swap heads included, Fork, Bullet, Hammer & Ball.

Nano only weighs 320g or 11 ounces, and is approximately 140mm x 105mm x 38mm.

Depending on how it's being used Nano typically works for 2-3 hours non-stop, or with normal usage about two weeks. Charging takes 2 hours via fast charging USB-C.

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Nano helps with

Flow Recovery can help with Headache and Migraines
Headaches | Migraines

Find relief from Headaches & Migraines with the Nano’s three levels of heat therapy.

Gently glide the heated plate over your temples and forehead to ease your pain.

Flow Recovery can help with Back Pain
Back Pain

Both heat and massage elements can be used on the upper and lower back.

Reducing tension, release knots and relieving everyday aches you may face from manual labour, office work, sport or a specific health diagnosis.

Flow Recovery can help with Colds, Flu and even Covid
Cold | Flu | Covid

Nano’s heat and massage functions are perfect for ‘taking care’ through the symptoms associated with cold and flu.

Such as general aches and pains, chills and congestion, while conveniently water resistant for easy sanitising.

Flow Recovery can help with Rheumatic and Joint Pain
Rheumatic | Joint Pain

Combining heat at the joints and percussion massage at the surrounding muscles.

Increases blood flow at the affected areas, allowing them to become more relaxed & flexible.

Flow Recovery can help with Period Pain
Period Pain

Heat therapy helps relax cramping muscles as well as blocking pain signals to the brain.

All without the hassle of refilling hot water bottles or single use heating pads. The Nano heating element can be used to relieve cramps in the lower back, abdomen and stomach.

Flow Recovery can help with Muscle Soreness
Muscle Soreness

Soothe aching muscles and prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) following intense training sessions. 

With Nano’s compact and convenient massage function.

Chronic Pain | Fibromyalgia

While fibromyalgia and the associated pain has no direct cure.

Symptoms like whole body pain, stiffness and headaches can be eased and alleviated with the Nano Device.

Strains | RSI | CTS

Whether caused by sport or work activities, gentle local application of heat can help to ease pain and discomfort associated with Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

Heat and massage promoting blood flow and relaxing muscle makes the Nano ideal for use prior to physical exercise or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) specific exercises, and can even improve their effectiveness.

Flow Recovery can help with Mental Health
Mental Health

By making the Nano part of your self-care toolkit.

The gentle heat and relaxing massage can boost your wellbeing and lift your mood.