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Compact. Portable. Powerful.

Introducing the Brand New FLOW NANO.

Things are heating up! The world's first massage gun to have an inbuilt smart heat therapy element.

The NANO's 3 power levels of percussion therapy allow the users to have a deep tissue massage whenever, wherever.

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Why choose NANO?

We want you to recover quicker, and better. And so as well as providing percussion therapy, the NANO features a unique heat element that no other massage gun provides.


Benefits of percussion therapy:

- increased blood flow

- reduced muscle swelling and fatigue

- reduce pain trigger points across the body.

Benefits of heat therapy:

- Warms up sore and tight muscles

- Increases blood circulation muscles

- Allows muscles to retrieve more oxygen and nutrients

- Provides soothing relief from aches & pains including migraines

'Flow devices have always been a huge part of my training. The NANO is exciting because it has heat too. For me to be able to apply that heat so I can warm up faster and get more mobility helps me endlessly.'

Katarina Johnson Thompson 

World Champion Heptathlete & Flow Co-Founder


Using an inbuilt smart heat element, the NANO provides heat therapy as well as massage. Calibrated by physical therapists, the NANO has various heat levels designed to warm muscles and release body tension


Massage therapy increases blood flow and helps reduce pain trigger points across the body. Heat therapy warms up sore and tight muscles, and by increasing blood circulation muscles can retrieve more oxygen and nutrients.


'I was surprised how easy it was to use the NANO compared to other devices I’ve tried. One button does everything - it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!'


Battery life: 2 hours

Voltage: 11.1v 13.3wh

Amplitude: 6mm with max force of 15 lbs

Weight: 320g

Charger type: USB-C

Frequency (RPM): Level 1: 1800 Level 2: 2300 Level 3:2800 rpm Heat Temperature:

Low: 38°C, (100°F), Medium: 42°C(108°F), High: 46°C (114°F)

Size (Dimensions): 140mm x 105mm x 38mm

dB: 50 dB


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