How to get rid of muscle knots with your Flow device

How to get rid of muscle knots with your Flow device

You have most definitely heard of having a ‘knot’ in your muscles whether it’s from working out, long hours at work, from travelling, or simply just the everyday stresses of life taking their toll upon yourself.

Knots can negatively impact your mental health, motivation and it can have an impact on your daily way of living. But what is it?

Flow Recovery Neck Pain Relief

What is a Knot?

A knot is an area of tension, soreness, and discomfort within a muscle. They can come around in any capacity, there isn’t a set thing you can do which will cause you to develop one. They can appear from a heavy training session in the gym, work, a rough night’s sleep the list goes on!

Within the muscle itself, we have thousands of bundles of muscle fibres that contract and relax at a continuous rate throughout the day. When a small bundle of these becomes fatigued they can cause a chain reaction and the rest of the muscle fatigues leading to the muscle heavy and the exercise/ task being performed has to stop. Over time this can ‘potentially’ cause a knot to occur as one of the bundles of muscle fibres could go into a state of spasm mid-contract-relax cycle and thus form a site of tension or as we better know them as a ‘knot’.

Flow Recovery Muscle Soreness

3 steps to using your Flow to help you

  1. Choose one of the attachments that come with your Flow, choose one you know you can tolerate and have used before. If you’re new we recommend using the Fork or Bullet (these allow for more targeted treatment due to the heads being smaller) If it’s particularly sensitive use the medium head!
  2. Start off on level 1 and build up to what’s comfortable for you! Aim for a good 3 minutes at least but the longer the better!
  3. Work in a circular motion up and down the whole muscle, in areas of tightness or where the ‘knot’ may focus your pressure of the Flow here and use smaller circles on the area or hold on that area. Do this for 20–40 seconds before going back to circular motions on the full muscle.

After you have carried out the 3 steps above we recommend doing some targeted stretches to the area, drink plenty of water and try and mobilise the area as often as you can!

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