Flow Recovery helps with Rheumatic and Joint Pain
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Rheumatic / Joint Pain

Joint pain is a broad term that covers multiple conditions with differing causes, but is usually as a result of injury or arthritis. Overall, it is a common experience, especially as we get older. Pain can be experienced in one joint or multiple, including in your hand, shoulder, knee, elbow, hip or wrist joints.

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Flow Recovery helps with Rheumatic and Joint Pain

Rest - Where possible, try to rest the affected joint, but be careful to not stop movement completely, as this can contribute further to stiffness. It is recommended for adults to sleep for 7-8 hours each night.

Massage - Massaging the muscles surrounding the painful joints can help to reduce tension and provide relief.

Heat - Applying heat directly to stiff and painful joints can help to ease your pain, relieve stiffness and promote mobility.

Cold - Applying a cold/ice pack can help to reduce swelling and pain.

Exercise - Gentle low impact exercise can help to reduce stiffness and regain strength and function in your joints. It also can help to relieve pain as it releases natural pain relief called endorphins into the body.

Flow Recovery helps with Rheumatic and Joint Pain

Lifting heavy objects.

Completely stopping movement and stretching of the affected joint.

Applying heavy pressure to the joint, for example kneeling.

Spending long periods in bed or sitting down as this can increase stiffness.

High impact activities.


Gently glide the Nano’s heated plate over stiff and sore joints to provide relief. The massage function can be used to massage the surrounding muscles. It is not advisable to apply heat to joints that are already inflamed and hot to the touch - speak to your Doctor if you have any concerns.


Heat therapy can increase blood flow and relieve pain. Applying heat at stiff or painful joints with the Nano activates temperature-sensitive nerve endings called thermoreceptors, which then send signals that block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Increased blood flow at the site of pain facilitates healing and pain relief through the delivery of more oxygen and nutrients and removal of pain-inducing mediators.

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Massage therapy with the Nano also helps to increase blood flow and reduce tension. Targeting the muscles surrounding the joints will help to reduce muscle tension and tightness that may be contributing to your joint pain.

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Combining heat at the joints and percussion massage at the surrounding muscles increases blood flow at the affected areas, allowing them to become more relaxed & flexible.


There are many possible causes of joint pain. It can be related to an injury or a longer-lasting problem such as arthritis. It is advised to speak to your healthcare professional if your pain is frequent and interferes with your daily activities, as they will be able to diagnose the pain quickly and help find the most suitable treatment for you.

If the joint pain becomes progressively worse and it affects your ability and daily routine you should seek advice from your GP and/ or specialist. In addition if the joint pain is related to trauma/ injury and/or you have severe swelling, redness & tenderness to touch around the joint.

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If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. All information presented on these web pages is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. In all health matters for further information or medical advice, please speak to your GP or a Pharmacist.