Flow Mini™ Flow Mini™
A lightweight, portable & powerful handheld massager for anybody, anytime, anywhere.

No matter if you're a star athlete, weekend warrior or working mum, the Mini is for you.

Simple to operate, highly ergonomic and with easily swappable Flowheads adaptable to any ache or pain in a moment.

Flow Mini is for Anybody no matter the ability
Flow Mini can be used anytime

Mini is ready when you are.

Mini's exceptional battery life ensures you're always ready to take on your next workout. And when Mini does need to top up - it takes just 3 hours for a full charge.


Mini's ultra quiet brushless high-torque motor - use anywhere, cause zero distraction.

Operating at under 35 DB, Mini is ultra-quiet and won't be a distraction to anyone in the gym.

Flow Mini can be used anywhere

Flow MINI Massage Gun

The Flow MINI massage gun is the perfect tool for your entry into vibration massage. With high performance, very compact dimensions and incredibly light weight, this vibration massager is the perfect tool for everyone. No matter if beginner, hobby athlete or professional. Whether at home, while travelling or in the fitness studio. With the Flow MINI you can always and everywhere improve your regeneration and eliminate tension.

boost your regeneration and performance with mini

MINI is an absolute lightweight and with its compact dimensions perfect for use at any time in any place.

Powerful, ultra-quiet and enormously stable in production, it is ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality vibration massager at an attractive price. The stylish design with metallic finish and two available colours complete the overall package.

With the Flow MINI we completely redefine vibration massage and prove that a very good device does not have to be expensive.



A lightweight, ultra-portable & powerful handheld percussion massager for anybody, anytime, anywhere.


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Flow Recovery Ball Flow Recovery Ball


With forgiving high-density foam, this head is for use around bones and other sensitive areas.
Flow Recovery Hammer Flow Recovery Hammer


The jack of all trades head, this head is designed for overall body treatment and larger muscles groups.
Flow Recovery Bullet Flow Recovery Bullet


The small diameter of the bullet head makes it perfect for focused muscle treatment; to pinpoint trigger points and work them away.


Perfect for the spine, lower neck and Achilles’ tendon along with major muscle groups like the calves & quadriceps.
Flow Recovery Wired Magazine

"Don't wait for expensive physios; nano does everything from the comfort of your home"

Flow Recovery Mail on Sunday

"It's the perfect desk companion."

Flow Recovery The Sunday Times Magazine

"Say goodbye to 9-5 aches & pains."

love for MINI

Just what I needed - I love the heated element, perfect for period cramps.

Kirsty Richards

Absolutely love this - why did I not get this sooner!

Sara Wilson

I get pretty sore joints from being stationary most of the day, working in IT. So this is a godsend - well worth it!

Olivia Phelps
Flow Recovery Nano Heat
Ultra Quiet

Ultra quiet brushless high-torque motor - under 35 dB noise level

Flow Recovery Nano Battery
Multiple Massage Modes

3 massage levels + Flow Wave Mode

Flow Recovery Nano Travel
Perfectly Portable

Only 12.2 oz - the perfect weight to take along for after your recovery session

frequently asked questions

With its four vibration levels, the Flow MINI massage gun provides you with a perfect vibration massage at your individual level. Positive effects of flow massage can be in the following areas:

- Acceleration and intensification of the warm-up before the workout

- General improvement of mobility and range of motion

- Elimination of tension and attainment of freedom from pain- Shorter recovery time after exertion and elimination of muscle soreness

- Improved blood circulation and faster healing after muscle injuries

Mini comes with four easy to swap heads included, Fork, Bullet, Hammer & Ball.

Nano only weighs 320g or 11 ounces, and is approximately 140mm x 105mm x 38mm.

Depending on how it's being used Nano typically works for 2-3 hours non-stop, or with normal usage about two weeks. Charging takes 2 hours via fast charging USB-C.